The purpose of the standard messages for the timber trade and forest management is to enable even a process of paper-free bidding and contracts in these fields. The set of messages enables the electronic commissioning of timber trade and forest management sites so that information between the parties to the contract (the forest owner and the timber buyer / the organisation providing forest management services) can be transferred electronically.

The timber trade data transfer standardisation project is founded on electronic data transfer procedures and data content for the timber trade, created by Tornator Oyj and Stora Enso Oyj. These operators had already been using electronic data transfers when it was decided to make this preliminary work the point of departure for national forest information standardisation. During the standardisation process, other operators brought their views supplementing the basic solution to the set of standard messages, which were finally approved.

In addition to timber trade, the messages also enable forest management project site trading. The timber trade process (involving 1) a request for quotations, 2) a bid, 3) the approval of the bid, and 4) a contract) also includes the possibility of requesting a quotation for the implementation of forest management site projects. Operators may respond to the given request for quotations by offering a bid for the forest management sites.

The timber trade and forest management messages have been updated as new operators have accessed the messages. The messages are being used in bilateral timber trade between forestry companies, as well as on the timber trade e-commerce site, Kuutio.fi.