The Finnish government supports the forest management and forest improvement projects of private forest owners when such projects are unprofitable in terms of the private sector. For certain forest management measures defined in the law, it is possible for the forest owner to apply for public financing. This form of support based on the Sustainable Forest Financing Act is commonly referred to by the acronym, Kemera.

The application is often filed electronically, using standard Kemera messages. The Kemera messages consist of an application for financing made by the forest owner or their representative, a notification of project implementation given after the project ends, a decision message conveying the decision of the public authority and, finally, a payment message sent by the authority in connection with the payment of the support. The content of the messages is based on the law and examples of information passed by the messages include the geographical information of the area at stake, the details of the forest owner and, depending on the message, some forest resource information, project plans, as well as information about any support paid.

Within the standard product family, the Kemera message together with the forest use declaration belongs to the group of Forest Centre messages. The Finnish Forest Centre receives Kemera messages at its electronic data transfer service.