The standards related to forestry resource planning for wood harvesting and forest management projects enable the harvester and the forest management project contractor to get the information they need for their work. Through these standards, the project contractor can also convey various kinds of information related to self-monitoring and quality assurance after project implementation. With the help of these standards, for example, a machine entrepreneur can use the same felling machine software regardless of the clients being served.

The messages were developed in collaboration with the project that prepared the WoodForce forestry resource planning system. WoodForce is a wood harvesting and forest management planning and operation control system ordered by a group of Finnish forestry sector operators.

In the autumn of 2016, the creation of forest information standards related to the conveyance of self-monitoring information began in conjunction with a self-monitoring project that was included in a top government project. Soon after the work began, the set of forestry resource planning messages was found to already contain a comprehensive group of messages to convey self-monitoring information. In the spring of 2017, some minor modifications were made to the forestry resource planning messages, enabling the use of harmonised structures for conveying self-monitoring information while accessing either WoodForce or the top project self-monitoring system.