The Finnish Forest Act requires a forest use declaration to be made to the supervising authority, the Finnish Forest Centre, ten days before felling begins. The declaration is generally made out by the project planner or the timber buyer. The set of standards for the forest use declaration contains the schema documentation of the message intended for conveying the forest use declaration, as well as the documentations related to the various acknowledgement messages.

The content of the forest use declaration is defined in the law and examples of the information to be conveyed include the location of the forest area being felled and the property on which it is situated, the details of the holder of the felling right, the purpose of the felling, and for regenerative felling, a forest regeneration plan. Examples of acknowledgement messages include receipts or error messages sent by the system to give notice about the arrival of a message or an error in a sent message.

Forest use declarations provided for by the standard are received at the electronic data transfer service of the Finish Forest Centre. The data transfer service receives the message, checks its validity against the schema, and after checking sends an acknowledgement message. Together with the Kemera message, the forest use declaration message belongs to the group of Forest Centre messages.