With the help of forest statistics standard messages, forestry sector operators can submit information about their operations to the statistical authority, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, for the compilation of statistics. The forest statistics standard enables the supply of statistical data on the volumes and prices of both the timber trade and forest management. Initially, the timber trade and forest management comprised separate sets of standards, but they were merged into a single forest statistics standard at the end of 2016.

For the timber trade, the standard contains information on the volumes of timber purchased and their prices according to the timber trade practice the type of timber goods, the felling method, and the municipality. The Natural Resources Institute Finland generalises the information into seven sub-areas before publishing it. By comparison with the timber trade, the standard functions similarly with forest management; in other words, information about the type of project and its implemented volume can be conveyed with the help of the standard.

Not all timber buyers have switched yet to the electronic transfers of information provided for by the standard, but as far as the receiving interface and the standard are concerned all timber trade and forest management statistical data could be collected by utilising the forest information standard.