Forest information standards (link to the standards publishing site)

The forest information standards used by data systems are published as XML schema documentations. A schema specifies the structure and content of the information, allowing various data systems to exchange information provided for by the standard. The links to the left describe the intended uses of the various forest information standards.

The finalised standards include the standard for stand-shaped forest resource information, the standard for information on special features, the standard for grid- and microstand-shaped forest resource information, the set of standards for timber trade and forest management projects, the standard for statistical data on timber trade prices and volumes, and Forest Centre messages (forest use declarations, Kemera messages, and elk damage notifications). New official standard messages published during 2018 include a set of messages on forestry resource planning for wood harvesting and forest management, and self-monitoring messages.

The Standard use page lists application software that utilises forest information standards.

The standard documentations and schema files are available at a separate publishing site