Forest information standardisation is implemented as open collaboration welcoming all interested specialists and application software developers. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry heads the standardisation project steering group while the Finnish Forest Centre is the organisation responsible for the implementation, leading the preparatory working group for the forest information standards. All the main forestry sector organisations, as well as many companies engaged in application software development, have voluntarily participated in the standard development project.

The steering group is comprised of the following members: Niina Riissanen Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (chairperson), Jari Ala-Ilomäki Natural Resources Institute Finland, Tapio Räsänen Metsäteho Oy, Risto Laamanen Metsähallitus, Jorma Jyrkilä Finnish Forest Centre, Public services,  Ari Mikkilä Stora Enso Oyj, Olli Leino Metsä Group, Timo Niemelä UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Mikko Palojärvi Trimble Solutions Corporation, and Janne Loikkanen Bitcomp Oy. The project group for the standardisation project at the Finnish Forest Centre public services unit comprises Heikki Eronen and Eeva Hiltunen. The preparatory working group for the standardisation of forest information is run by Heikki Eronen of the Finnish Forest Centre. The standard schemas are written by Bitcomp Oy as a tendered purchased service.

The development of new standards and the maintenance of finalised ones are carried out by a preparatory working group of varying composition. You can join the electronic mailing list of the preparatory working group by registering with the group leader, Heikki Eronen, at the Finnish Forest Centre: The preparatory working group specifies and writes the standard schema documentations, as well as the standard schema maintenance updates.

To carry out its task, the preparatory working group convenes at working meetings arranged whenever appropriate, as well as at other gatherings and via remote connections. The steering group guides the work of the preparatory working group and makes decisions on the approval of new standards and updated versions at steering group meetings.

The actual technical work, involving the creation of XML schemas and documentations, is managed by a consultant who is chosen for the task for a three-year period. Currently, the task is managed by Bitcomp Oy.


Heikki Eronen
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