In less than ten years of forest information standard development, the standards have begun to gain the status of authenticity. Some of the standard messages have gained more widespread use than others. The oldest and most widely used standard message is the stand-shaped forest resource information message, which can be held to have become the standard permeating the whole sector in practice.

Examples of application software that utilises forest information standards include Aarni (the forest resource information system at the Finnish Forest Centre), Metsää (the eService and open forest information downloading service of the Finnish Forest Centre), (an electronic timber trade site), TAPIO ForestKIT (the KantoRiihi system used for action taken by the Forest Centre as a public authority), the forest resource management system, the receiving interface for statistical data on timber trade prices and volumes (at the Natural Resources Institute Finland), JAKOcadastre (the data system at the National Land Survey of Finland), Savcor ERP (a raw material management system), Metsän LYNX (the forest resource information system at Stora Enso Oyj), Silva-Metsävara (a program by Oy Silvadata Ab), For-IT (a solution at UPM-Kymmene Oyj), and TornaApps (a forestry resource planning system at Tornator Oyj).