The established methods of the preparatory working group for forest information standards include the so-called general meetings, thematic meetings, and workshops. The activities of the preparatory working group are open to all interested parties and information on the activities is provided on this introductory website to the standardisation project and by means of the preparatory working group electronic mailing list.

The general meetings of the preparatory working group go over the current state of the standardisation work in progress and plan the data content of the standards and the necessary updates to them. The preparatory working group also agrees on dates and times for submitting a new standard or updates to an existing one for approval by the steering group.

Thematic meetings convene whenever there is a need to hold a working meeting focused on the development of a certain standard or set of standards only. An invitation to a thematic meeting is sent to all members of the preparatory working group, but generally the meeting is attended only by specialists with specific competence in the standard being processed at that particular meeting.

A workshop is a working meeting for which the participating specialists are agreed upon at a meeting of the preparatory working group. The workshop is used as a method whenever it is deemed necessary for certain key experts of the matter at hand to convene in order to prepare it before it would be appropriate to continue to process the matter with the entire preparatory group.