Solutions based on standards and open interfaces have proved to be an effective and cost-efficient means of implementing data systems. The forest information standardisation project documents the XML schemas, which enable data transfers in standard format, cost-efficient data system implementation, and effective information infrastructure building for the forestry sector. Some messages also utilise the GeoPackage data transfer format.

Forest information standards are already being used in several data systems and the preparatory working group is engaging in active collaboration with forestry sector application software developers in the development and maintenance of the standards. The actual application software development, however, is beyond the scope of this non-profit standardisation project and thus it is at the responsibility of organisations utilising the standards.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry heads the standardisation project steering group while the Finnish Forest Centre is the organisation responsible for the implementation. Many other forestry sector organisations and private companies have also participated in the standard development project.

The development of new standards and the maintenance of finalised ones are carried out by a preparatory working group of varying composition. Participation in the standardisation project is open and voluntary. You can join the electronic mailing list of the preparatory working group by registering with the group leader, Heikki Eronen, at the Finnish Forest Centre:

Finalised XML schemas and drafts of pending XML standards are available on the publishing pages of the forest information standards at

Further information: Heikki Eronen, Finnish Forest Centre,